Building constructed in 1869, Plank Pilates Studio is truly one of a kind. Antique wood floors and original stone walls accent a simple, modern decor, while the minimalist design highlights Plank’s no-nonsense focus on an invigorating workout.Bridging the gap between emporium-sized gyms and tiny two-person studios, Plank’s goal is to build your Pilates repertoire to achieve a body with as much endurance, strength, and beauty as the space itself.

Plank presents details to ensure all students feel welcome and comfortable. Sip crisp cucumber lemon water and streaming, organic green tea to gently energize your spirit for a challenging workout or wind down after class in the lower-level lounge with hot eucalyptus and cold lavender towels. Transforming your workout into a personalized experience, Plank offers luxurious touches that set the standard for the boutique Pilates studio.

Showcasing the finest handmade classical solid maple machines and talented, encouraging instructors, Plank Pilates’ results-oriented regimes remain unrivaled in Manhattan. Within the first class, students reap the benefits of increased energy and strength, as well as improved posture.After regular visits, achieve a noticeably tighter core and a streamlined look throughout your entire body.

Whether you crave one-on-one attention to master Pilates fundamentals or an inspired tower routine to help reach your fitness goals, Plank covers all your needs.

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