The amazing benefits of dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing is a simple way to improve the overall condition of your skin, stimulate your blood circulation and pretty much do magic for your epidermis.
Brushing your skin is like a manual mechanism that cleans up the upper layer of the skin, firms it and stimulates body processes that are extremely important for a strong immune system and our flawless looks.

As it removes surface toxins and dead skin cells it promotes detoxification, what is essential for a glowing appearance. The act of exfoliating is the key – when removing dead skin cells, new ones form more quickly. It also helps for unclogging the pores, which lets the skin breathe.

Another great advantage of dry skin brushing is the effect it has on the lymphoid system, which is an important part of the immune system, as it manually stimulates the lymphatic fluids’ circulation. It also increases blood flow, promotes the production of hydration oils, aids digestion and stimulates the nerve system in supporting muscle tone.

And last but not least, dry skin brushing helps reducing cellulite. The brushing method tightens the epidermis and contributes to destroying the fat buildup that wrinkles the skin.

The brush should be natural, stiff-bristled brush and the practice should be done daily taking around 15 minutes.

Start from the feet, using long, sweeping motions. Make sure you are not scrubbing or putting too much pressure, otherwise you may cause yourself an irritation or redness. For the stomach area perform counterclockwise movements and for the back – upwards strokes. Finish with the hands, arms and chest, avoiding parts that might be more sensitive, such as the face. It’s a good idea to take a shower afterwards to wash away the dead skin cells.